6 de junio de 2011

Give me a try - Pía Augusto

Does any extranger to your heart
will be able to be ever loved by you?
Won´t you come round soon
if i call you tonight, cause im missing you?

I woke up early this morning i sware
with a clearly image of your face
and i ve been wanting to forget
cause thinking seems just a waste.

I never really expect to find
a place to rest between your arms
I know my place, where I belong
its just not me, my heart betrays.

But it hurts when at night you come
wishpering among my dreams
You were not a ghost i could tell
by the ways our bodies intertwained.

Though i felt as a extranger to your heart
could you at least give mine a try?
Im not as sweet as a sweety pie
but im sure i taste good, please try.

-Pía Augusto-

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