20 de abril de 2011

Who´s going to - Pía Augusto

Who´s going to tell you that I learnt it for you,
when it hurts so bad, only love´s gonna last.
Those words you taught me are now left unspoken,
they lost their meaning when my heart goes broke.

Now I spend every night being deeply asleep
no wonder on how the next dream´s gonna be.
My for ever sleepless wishes are coming to an end
Im tired of waiting, also calling you my friend.

Who´s going to hug you from the long distance
when their words are not mine to be welcome
Will you then disregard also calling me a friend?
I wish you were near, I wish you were here.

Pretty long I expect you to say those lame lies
when I heard them, never believe their truth
but I´m longing and crying out my tired eyes
were you only a dream which came by on my sleep?

The closest feeling to love i´d never had before,
you were also a warm and softly hand to lean on
More than I could ever had wish for
you were not a friend, you were more.

You were just a lie starting to become my truth
the weakest part of me saying "hello you"
All my nonsense becoming an open door
and I embraced your words without having a clue.

.-Pia Augusto.-

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Daniel Shields dijo...

Ay pero cuanto ingles! Qué bueno y qué interesante!
Me gustó mucho, le da otra pincelada distinta al blog.
Un beso grande.