20 de febrero de 2011

Would you like to be more than a dream to me? - Pía Augusto

As we walk into the party and through the crowd
we keep smiling while we talk of things unheard.
Disregarding my culture ´cause I´m feelin´sublime
they´re whispering, such a pretty couple we seem.
I´m wondering if this love could ever get to be
something so true beneath the wisdom of faith.
You´re really warm despite the cold winter outside
even when there´s an ocean that is putting me aside.
Such a foolish pair we become in this days,
preferring to catch a cold instead of believing
that someday this could be more than just a bliss.
And I´m willing to ask if I´m waiting you in vain
or if maybe you´ll be something more than a dream.
Would you please like to be more than a dream to me?

Those dance steps plus the music of your voice
I´d never felt so lucky of falling down for you.
I hear the whistle while we pass through the room
and they are talking about how different we look.
But I´m sure of myself so I´ll never agree
you and me were meant to be free.
Please stay dancing tonight here with me
I´m falling so deep that I´d lose my feet.
Grab my hand and dont mind about the noise
everything in you is perfect, don´t need a crown
never felt so happy of being within a dream.
If I woke up tomorrow and you´re not here
could you please give me back my sleep,
or would you rather be more than a dream to me?

-.Pía Augusto.-

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